There are many reasons to come to Myrtle Beach, whether it’s our beach, shopping centers, or all the attractions, there is another popular reason many visit the sunny city! Now if you use your detective skills you could probably gather this blog together … it’s our shows! Year round, Myrtle Beach puts on the best shows and at a price that won’t leave you unhappy! So let’s take a a look at just a few of the many shows going on in the city!

Pirate’s Voyage

PiratesVoyageLogoArggggh! A favorite of many is the Pirate’s Voyage in Myrtle Beach! Why you may ask? Besides the five course meal you get to enjoy all throughout the show, you also get to pay witness to a show of epic proportions! Watch as two pirate parties battle it out all in front of your eyes! All this is above a 15 ft indoor lagoon, only your cheers will echo through the wicked battles that happen! The great part of all this – one ticket gets you everything! Sound like a fun time for you? Call 843-497-9700  for more information!

Alabama Theatre

Alabama TheatreThe Alabama Theatre is a location that is constantly providing you with all your showtime needs! For this summer, the critically aclaimed show ‘One’, is going to delight you and make you realize what you have been missing out on this whole time. Many Myrtle Beach shows can’t do what Alabama Theatre can, that’s why it was voted #1 for live entertainment here in Myrtle Beach by the MB sun news! So before you lose the chance to get in on tickets, give a call to 1-800-342-2262!

Carolina Opry

CarolinaOpryThe Carolina Opry is not one show, but actually the provider of many amazing shows! A well known destination for Myrtle Beach, many people drop their stuff at the hotel and head directly to the Carolina Opry! The reason for this? The diversity of shows, which appeals to all visitors! A list of the shows are as follows:

–      Good Vibrations
–      Christmas Special
–      LIGHT
–      The Carolina Opry

Can you think of anything you’d rather do? Give at least one show a try, and fall in love for life!

Those are just a few of the shows that go on year round here in Myrtle Beach! For more information on current events and happenings visit our blog! Not big on the blog reading? Keep up with us on Facebook for events and news here in Myrtle Beach!


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